Desmond McElroy known by his rap name Dez Mac is 23 years old, from Youngstown, Ohio and moved to San Francisco, CA. Dez Mac is the co-founder of Moviiies App. At Moviiies App they built a theater app using facial recognition so people can watch theater movies on their phone and tablet.

Desmond McElroy (Dez Mac) grew up with a love for hip hop/rap. He always rapped lyrics of influential artist to to his mom, friends, teammates and class mates everyday. Its like you couldn't go a day without hearing a J.Cole or Kendrick lyric from him in class. In Biology class he would just sit there and write lyrics in his planner to my the time go by faster. Dez knew he had a gift but didn't start pursuing a career in music until he moved to San Francisco.

After graduating from college he was offered a job at A to Z plumbing. Dez knew deep down he wanted to move from Youngstown to help his brother Amon'Dre with moviiies app and pursue a career as an artist in the rap industry. After 7 months on the job his manager assigned him to and his co worker to a flooded eight bedroom apartment building. After that day he realized he was not trying to do this for the rest of his life and called his brother / co founder and said "bro I'm moving to Cali with you.  

Desmond knew like his brother that he would have to live in a shelter then get housing in order to accomplish dreams. He stayed in a shelter while working on moviiies, music and at the YMCA. He found an apartment later in San Francisco.

He released his first album titled Dharma in June of 2017. Dharma is a Hindu word from India meaning purpose. Dez Mac chose this word because he read it in a book called 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. Dharma is a 6 song EP available on all music streaming platforms and iTunes to purchase. His second album/EP is titled Deztined is a 7 song EP.

Dez Mac writes powerful stories on a variety of topics ranging from inspiration, moviiies, pain, struggle to beats produced by Childish Major, Rhymeezee, Cormill, and KeilyN.


"Reincarnated Marytr"

"Reincarnated Marytr"